A little eccentric – you think?

The Sluice Box, Idaho City, ID

For sale in Idaho City

For sale in Idaho City

This piece of real estate can be yours. The Sluice Box sits at the end of the main street in Idaho City, Idaho waiting for a new owner.

According to the woman who strolled up the street while Kay was taking photographs, it belonged to a fella who was “a little eccentric” whose surviving relatives didn’t want to continue “the business” so it has sat vacant for a couple of years waiting for a new owner. She said it could be ours for $350,000 – and not just the property, but ALL the valuables inside. It’s been vandalized several times, she said, but with a little attention, if the right person came along and “restored” the place, it could become a thriving operation. People would come from miles around.

Wouldn’t you like to meet the man who owned and operated The Sluice Box? Elsewhere on Views from the Edge we’ve noted famous people who were a little eccentric – people like Bishop James Pike – and suggested the world would be a better place if we were all a bit more eccentric. Whoever the man was who (sort of) maintained this old 1800s structure while collecting everyone else’s junk, he wasn’t into a throw-away culture.

A web search uncovered the current asking price: $249,900. Click HERE for the real estate listing. Turns out the house next door comes with it.

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