The Prophets: Parents of Newtown

The parents of the murdered children of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown are back in Washington, D.C today and tomorrow. They are meeting with our nation’s law-makers.

Like Jeremiah, “the Weeping Prophet” who cried over the plight of his people, these mourning parents are courageous spokespersons for sanity, compassion, and an end to America’s love of violence.

May the Spirit that inspires these grieving parents to leave home for meetings in the center of American power and public scrutiny stir the consciences of the Congressional Representatives and Senators with whom they meet.

A friend brought to my attention “Thank God, I’m Alive” on the latest tragedy of gun violence to garner national attention in Santa Monica, California.

As Moses said when Joshua wanted to silence two people (Eldad and Medad) who were speaking out without authorization: “I wish that all God’s people were prophets!” (Book of Numbers 11:29, Torah, Hebrew Bible).

I invite your prayers and well wishes for the parents of Newtown as they carry forward the prophetic tradition. Let no one silence you. Speak the truth with love, and let the Spirit do its work.

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2 thoughts on “The Prophets: Parents of Newtown

  1. Before praying, please warm up by imagining the pain these folks carry, and the courage it takes to keep going back when one has suffered defeat at the hands of the powerful. Yes, that’s true of the Biblical prophets as well.


    • Absolutely. It’s hard to imagine the courage it takes to go back to the place your tears were disregarded. The place where you were slapped down by the money of the NRA, the gun manufacturers, and arms industry that keeps weapons outside the purview of consumer protection laws and review. God bless ’em! God bless ’em all. Prophets one and all. Profits calling profiteers to account.


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