It’s raining, its pouring

Maybe we bumped our heads getting a little snack last night! And the night before that, and…. Will it ever stop?

5 thoughts on “It’s raining, its pouring

  1. We left Bismark /Mandan yesterday late afternoon, got a tiny bit of sun at one rest area between clouds moving rapidly across the sky. My friend spent the night there. And when she and her grand daughter were ready to leave, not only was it raining heavily, but the rain clouds had come down to ground level, and it was extremely foggy! We drove to Fargo and spent the night, had breakfast with a lifelong friend of mine, and when we left she was only 30 minutes behind us. Rain showers alternated with heavy downpours on much of the way to the twin Cities. We left I 94 at Anoka and headed about straight south to miss the construction mess ahead, and by the time we got home had bright sunshine. As we drove into the driveway, the pot full of pansies were all facing us, just glorious. Jon planted pansies at his place when I was there. These pansies seemed such a glorious affirmation that all was well. Took pictures of them.


  2. Another day of rain here in the NC mountains. And it will continue for most of this week. I’ve been trying to enjoy it–staying inside and looking out at how green everything is. But yesterday we discovered another problem with our drain system under the driveway of our townhouse complex–the same problem we fixed two years ago. The problem probably belongs to the state, which, of course, means that getting it fixed will be complicated. And I’m on the homeowners board!! Not really how I want to use my time!!! So now I’m getting really sick of the rain!!! But I do like the excuse for staying in the house and working on my jewelry and my weaving. And I can always work on mindfulness–staying in the moment and enjoying it, whatever it is!!


    • Yes. Whatever “It” is. The sun poked out today in MN. As President of our homeowners association board, I understand. There always seems to be something. Enjoy the jewelry and the weaving.


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