Elmer Fudd and the Wolf Hunt

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has authorized a new Wolf Hunting and Trapping Season that begins November 3rd. Apparently the once endangered species is getting too large. Click this Link to MN DNR site for information.

Here are two alternative world views on the hunt – those of the Mountain Lion and Elmer Fudd – in a classic Looney Toons cartoon on Elmer the hunter, “What’s My Lion?”.

“I set a new wecord this year; it took me only thwee hours to get wid of aww of them!” – Elmer Fudd’s last words in “What’s My Lion?”, his final appearance.

6 thoughts on “Elmer Fudd and the Wolf Hunt

  1. Hello – I am at work and cannot watch the cartoon until lunch. I thought everyone should know that the wolf population has stayed the same for 10 years, so no increase. That the alpha male and female keep the herd together and away from humans, but once those are shot, the packs will spread out into towns, etc. That the hunting methods involving traps involve extreme cruelty as the wolves suffer terribly, often bite their own foot off in their agony. That hunting with dogs involves gruesome encounters where the dog ends up badly wounded (this is also allowed for this season’s hunt). And that the only thing the state could possibly gain from wolf hunting is the $ from the thousands of licenses they have already sold. Note: wolves that are hurting farm animals are already being shot or trapped each year as authorized by the state.
    Ok, I just climbed down from my soap box. Anyone else wanna take a turn? Thank you Gordon for opening up the discussion.


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