The Penny Roasters

Grandson Jack, proprietor, The Penny Roaster, Bend, OR

The Penny Roasters opens early for breakfast. Jackson Stewart, its proprietor, serves custom coffee, blended to the special tastes of each customer. Jack loves to please – tall, elegant, aproned for cooking, and fully attentive to his customer’s every need.

Amelia, the Penny Roasters’ cheerful hostess, welcomes you to the establishment and shows you to your table. Some people all Amelia “Mimi” but only her closest relatives get to call her that. “Good morning,” she says with a great smile and big eyes with the longest eyelashes you’ll ever see, “welcome to the Penny Roasters.”

Penny Roasters' menu

The Penny Roasters menu

The table is set with hand-written menus and a coffee cup. The menu includes three regular options: SUPERMAN coffee (very strong, no sugar or milk); Jennifer’s favorite, coconut milk (no sugar); Kid’s mixup: whole milk with 2 scoops of sugar.

The fourth choice is CUSTOM BREW: you tell us what you  would like to have this morning!

Thank you!

You use the pencil to mark the menu.

11 thoughts on “The Penny Roasters

  1. I’ve been thinking about this delightful shop since yesterday. I think I’ll order the SUPERMAN. Thank you for sharing this little slice of family life with us, your readers. Jackson and Amelia sound lovely! The Penny Roasters is a great name for a coffeehouse, by the way. Love this!


  2. That is a totally delightful story. I wish I were there. I would go for the kids mixup for sure. Do keep writing. It brightens my day to hear something so positive and so spectacular. You are so lucky to be so near such a fabulous place as the Penny roasters.


    • Hi Christina, I tried to upload some pics without success. This place is among the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Sea lions, seals, tide pools filled with huge star fish, sea anemones, etc. Thanks for coming by.


    • The kids are so precious and full of fun. We’re worn out…and ready for a vacation 🙂 but it doesn’t get much better than being with Jack and Mimi. Son Doug and partner Jason from NYC arrived last night.


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