Still Waters

Pond photo - Shoreview, MN

Pond photo - gcs - Shoreview, MN

Story by friend and classmate Harry Lee Strong, San Juan Community Church, CO, sent by email today following “The Words of Childhood” – April 28, 2012

Yesterday I visited 94-year old Angie again.

Her daughter had called Thursday and said:

“Hospice gives Mom two weeks – could you please try to see her soon.”

In my five months with Angie, I’d never gotten more than a smile.

As I was preparing to leave yesterday, I said,

“I’m preaching on the Shepherd Psalm Sunday – you remember it, right?

‘The Lord is my shepherd …’

Precious Angie’s lips began to move …

She stayed with me all the way through the green pastures and the still waters.

(You ALL know the story line – I went to minister to her – & Angie turned the tables …)

2 thoughts on “Still Waters

  1. Gordon, thank you for your story. I really enjoy getting your stories each day. I don’t always respond as I get them via email on my phone and its a hassle top log-in and respond each time.
    We had the 23rd Psalm in church today. It was very appropriate as it was also the appointment of a shepherd as our new bishop. I thought you would appreciate this:
    I am in a state of stunned euphoria. I can only hope this is the start of a new trend and doesn’t end here in Wellington.


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