I wanna be an Orangutan!

I wake up too early this morning. The first thing I see is an orangutan making a hammock in his zoo cage. I identify with the orangutan.

The orangutan has always been my favorite animal. Those eyes. That mouth. Those teeth. That smile. Okay, so she needs a groomer, but, hey, so do I. How can you not love an orangutan? So smart. So . . .  human. So . . . technological!

Not only are they endearing personalities; they don’t make bombs or burn coal. They use their creative resources to make hammocks to rock away the day and turn their world upside-down . . . or right-side up. They invent. They make it up. They play. ¬†They have no need of the smoke and mirrors of the zoo keepers’s world.

I wanna be an Orangutan!

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, March 7, 2017

Pete Seeger and the Story of Abiyoyo


Nobody told a story the way Pete Seeger did! Pete always lifted people up. “Lift up your hearts!” he seemed to say, and then he would dance and play. The whole world was his communion table. The child in him never faded. He still calls up the child in us.