Mike Flynn, Mike Pence, and the Boss

Two Mikes of the Trump Administration – Mike Flynn and Mike Pence – and the question of who lied, who told the truth, and who was spinning the story, have been making headline news. Mike Pence held the mike. Mike Flynn stayed back while the Boss and Kelly Anne Conway covered for them both with conflicting accounts.

This morning an email from a wise political observer was waiting following news of Mike Flynn’s resignation:

I get that Flynn had to go, I get that he had to go fast, and I get that the Vice President – to create a desired impression – first defended the general, then characterized his conversation with the top Trump aid as “a lie”.

Of course, it is NOT a bad thing that Flynn – an off-the-wall, unmanageable firecracker – is out of there.

But think about it. These are the first days of the “You’re Fired!” Reality TV Star administration, with a little bit of chaos peeking out at us each day.

What are the chances that knowledge of this call to the Russian ambassador – not to mention the possible directing of this call – went no higher than the Vice President??

Today it’s the news. It will be tomorrow as well. Until some precipitous presidential impulse shifts the news. Imagine military action against North Korea while Congress is investigating which Mike knew what and when, and whether Mike Flynn’s pre-inaugural consultation with the Russian Ambassador was authorized by the Boss.

The future of the Boss depends on two Mikes and whether one, the other, or both will take the mike in a Congressional investigation. Or, perhaps, the Boss will decide to resign before impeachment proceedings, declaring he never really wanted to be president, that the system is rigged, that’s it too broken for him to “fix” and the lying press which has made the two Mikes a big issue are losers. “You’re all fired!”

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, Feb. 14, 2017.