The Trinity is about Us!

Click HERE to listen to Devon Anderson’s Trinity Sunday Sermon at Trinity Episcopal Church in Excelsior, MN. If you think sermons are boring… and you’re willing to consider the thought that sometimes humor is the closest thing to faith, tune in!

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Verse – The Trinity?

One form, but multiplicity…
Motion, immutability…
Can we glimpse God.
So weird, so odd,
In limerick theology?!

Is the Divine One one or three?
Is He a he or She a she?
A comedy!
A mystery!
One was and is and Three will be!

Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015

The Trinity

The Trinity

This piece of art hangs in my friend Steve’s living room on the Illinois prairie. I’ve always thought it was a little weird.  Actually, more than a little. Here’s Steve’s interpretation. I never would have guessed. He calls it

“The Trinity”

It is a triptych, three panels joined together.

There are three hands, three feet, three heads (see the profile– lower left).  White triangles are found everywhere.

The fan (pneuma) is, of course, the Holy Spirit.

The prayer- hearing ear of the unseeable God is just barely discernible in faint profile.

The painted wok, an ethnic face, a real human naturally is Jesus Christ. Christians remember him with food…  The brand of found fan is “Tripl-aire.”

Dave Ellis, a big city, secular painter, is the grandson and the son of a pastor.

Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, Illinois, is host of  “Keepin the Faith…” @ This Sunday (May 20), his guest is Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Professor Garry Wills of Northwestern University on “Ambrose, Augustine and the Mystery of Baptism”