Nebraska Senate Candidate Bob Kerrey Campaign Ad: “Not Afraid”

Nebraska Senate Candidate Bob Kerrey Campaign Ad: “Not Afraid”.

Just more hot air? Or a breath of fresh air?  You decide.

Bob Kerrey is saying what most of us long for in American politics: elected representatives who do what’s right for the American people no matter where the ideas come from.

Kay has known Bob Kerrey since he returned from Vietnam missng a leg. He came home to Nebraska as a student at the University of Nebraska. According to Kay and the others in his close circle of friends back then, Bob is for real.

Thanks again to United Politics for sharing unedited pieces from American pullic life.

I spotted Bob 10 years ago at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. “Bob Kerrey?” “Yes, hi.” “You don’t know me, but you know Kay Calkins…” His eyes grew wide. So did his smile. “O my, yes! Of course! How could I ever forget? How do you know Kay?”

Those whose lives Kay has touched do not forget; nor does she forget them. Bob Kerrey is one of them. We need more like him.

Have we become so jaded that we believe nothing, even when a man’s record stands for what he says?