Rover and his Master

The English language can be very confusing. Some English words are pronounced identically, but their meanings are altogether different.

Take the words ‘heal‘ and ‘heel‘, for instance.

A walk in the parkYou might say, “I sure hope you heal quickly” to someone with an injured heel.” But you might also say to Rover,”I sure wish you’d learn to heel,” which could really confuse Rover; or say to Rover’s master – who’s healing slowly from an injured achilles heel – and to Rover, “Good morning, Sir! Good morning, Rover! So good to see you both he-ling so well,” but it wouldn’t be the same – all because of one little letter that doesn’t get pronounced. Then again, you might call Rover’s master with the healing achilles heel a real heel if he beats Rover with the heel of his hand or heel of his shoe when Rover fails to heel.

Tell me again. Why do we speak English? Wait! Wait! Don’t tell me!

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, written this April 8, 2017 when, while healing from PMR, I had nothing better to do than respond to The Daily Post‘s invitation to write a post on the word ‘heal’.



Poet sides with dog in Shoe War?

Dog Strikes Back at Cyberspace” brought this reply, or so I thought, from good friend Steve Shoemaker (aka “Shoe” ) in Urbana, Illinois. He seemed to have taken Sebastian’s side in the Shoe War.

Verse  —  “Heal”

I taught my dog to heel,

not so she’d be a slave,

but so she’d always be

safe to walk alongside of me.

When first I used a lead,

a leash and collar, she

would pull and jerk and try

to run away.  She thought that I

was cruel and mean to make

her suffer so.  But now

she leaves her pen with glee

as we, a team, explore the world.

– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, January 26, 2012

NOTE: The word “my” was not bolded or italicized in the Steve’s email.  “Views from Edge” bolded and italicizedmy” on the assumption that the Verse’s author was holding himself up as a man of virtue in contrast to the bad dog owner who hadn’t trained his dog properly. It turns out that “Dog Strikes Back at Cyberspace” wasn’t anywhere near his radar screen when he penned his Verse. Follow-up email from Steve: “Stop being so self-centered–I was not thinking of you and your sodden shoe at all when I wrote this. I wrote this for ___________” (who had asked him for a poem on healing in preparation for a sermon). 🙂

I think I’ll take a trip to Urbana for training… as a dog trainer…and healing.