After the holiday feast

Natural Cures for Indigestion from

Natural Cures for Indigestion from




eat more


fruit vegetables

meat potatoes pasta

i want i can eat i will eat

rolls bread pastry real butter

gravy beer pop wine champagne

deserts pie cake cobbler

cookies candy pudding

ice cream custard

flan trifle truffle

tiramisu tums




work out

walk run lift

portion control

chew food slowly

carrots celery salad

put fork down between bites

talk listen share memories

drink water chew ice

cut small bites

exercise bike

swim trim



Health and fitness motivation by elisa @

Health and fitness motivation by elisa @

– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, Dec. 30, 2012

Feast or Fast

Is the Spiritual Discipline of Fasting Un-American?

“The Supper of the Lamb,” Robert Farrar Capon’s

great theological cookbook, dissed dieting,

insisting it was better far to feast, then fast.

But we are surrounded by ads, take-outs,

fast-FOOD!  Can we really just be drinking

plain water for a day?  Can a fast last?

We can remember to say Grace

(recall when a prayer was thinking

food was a gift?)  Be thankful FAST!

Then souls will grow, waist-lines

shrink.  It bears repeating:

we must first feast, then fast.



while moving fast…

– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL August 21, 2012

Steve’s poem transported me back in time to the boyhood where Grace preceded every meal. All heads were bowed. All ears were open and mouths shut before we feasted on my mother’s cooking. Many of the words my parents offered are gone, but the gift they gave us was deeper than words: the quiet, humble, reverent tone with which the prayers were uttered… on our behalf…and on behalf of those who had no food. Nothing at the feast was fast or taken for granted. “Give us this day our daily bread….”