Hell has descended on Colorado

Friends gathering at StrongWinds, CO

This email arrived today from my classmate and friend¬†Harry Strong from Ridgway, Colorado. His home – named “StrongWinds” – sits on the Continental Divide just a few miles northwest of Colorado Springs.¬†In this photo of an annual gathering of friends at “StrongWinds” several years ago, Harry is on the left. He and Anna moved to Ridgeway, CO last fall. They put StrongWinds on the market and are scheduled to close on a sale July 9…..Here’s the email just as I received it..

“HELL has descended on Colorado!
‘StrongWinds’ is still standing for the time being. We’re scheduled to close on a sale July 9, assuming it’s still standing and the buyer doesn’t simply decide to forfeit his $5,000 earnest money & walk (or run).

“The entire area between Woodland Park and the Air Force Academy is ablaze.
Green Mountain Falls, where our little Church in the Wildwood is located, was evacuated Saturday. No services last Sunday. Many members’ homes are in danger.
Our former pastor, Dave, and his 4-year old son are in Woodland Park.
His wife, Stacey, and 2-year old daughter are with her parents in Colorado Springs.
Dave can’t get to them because Highway 24 is closed.

“Gasoline stations have run out of gas – grocery store shelves are bare. No trucks can get through with deliveries. Media teams keep having to move as well as evacuation centers, because the fires are spreading so quickly. Temperatures have been over 100 all week – higher winds are forecast for tomorrow. I fear the worst is yet to come.
Here in SW Colorado there are 2 other fires to the south of us – but so far we’re safe here in Ridgway.

“Prayers welcome – more later – Harry.

Colorado fire 2012