The walls are tumbling down!

The walls are tumbling down!

Interesting post from David Earle in New Zealand

Saturday “Views from the Edge” re-posted David’s piece on the Bishop with dreadlocks, originally posted on  “In the Company of Hysterical Women.”

Today’s piece offers an interesting personal reflection by someone who left the church in disgust because it had become insular and irrelevant to the larger world, returned to it because of marriage, and now rejoices that the walls may be tumbling down.

Oakritchie left a comment on the earlier posting of the Bishop with dreadlocks that merits a thoughtful response. I’m still working on it. Perhaps David, too, will choose to weigh in on Oakritchie’s observation about “us” and “them”.

Thank you, David, Oakritchie, and all of you who have so thoughtfully engaged the conversation.

Bishop in dreadlocks – Hallelujah!

Click Bishop in dreadlocks – Hallelujah!.

“In the Company of Hysterical Women”  sent this today – the appointment of a bishop with dreadlocks in New Zealand.  Read the story and watch the video interview with the pastor whose ministry has stood with the homeless and marginalized people.

Indeed. Hallelujah! It’s a good day.