Simply Being Kind

If you’re not big on churches, read to the end of Hold to the Good‘s post re-blogged here on Views from the Edge. The author, John Buchanan, is Pastor-Emeritus of Fourth Presbyterian Church – Chicago, former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and recently retired Publisher of The Christian Century.

Hold to the Good

One of the occupational hazards of the preaching vocation is that not everyone likes, or agrees with, what we say – particularly when we push on beyond the words of scripture to the behavioral and social ramifications. On occasion, rare to be sure, listeners tell us, in no uncertain terms that they did not like what we said at all. Sometimes it happens during that hoary church custom of greeting the preacher after the worship service, standing in line, shaking hands and saying, “Good morning, Reverend. I enjoyed your sermon.” It is heartfelt sometimes and sometimes it is simply a rote part of the greeting ritual but the sad fact is that we preachers become addicted to compliments however and whenever they come. When someone chooses the occasion to let us know they didn’t like the sermon at all, it hits us like a physical blow and we think about…

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Verse – “Renovations”

The unexpected is to be expected.

Bathrooms are the worst.

(Some say it’s kitchens, but to be

forced to eat out is tolerable–

outhouses are impossible

to find these days.)  Even the best

contractors, builders, architects

do not know what will be behind

old walls:  the pipes and wires they find

will cost you time and cash and tears.

Just forget new sinks and mirrors!

– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, 11/12/15 sent to Views from the Edge’ blogger whose bathrooms are now in the sixth week of renovation because of unanticipated challenges. Wish we had had Steve’s advice before we dove into the project. Maybe wisdom will be born out of the experience? Nah. Too late. We’re never doing this again…ever.

Thanks, Steve.