4 thoughts on “This moment in American history

  1. “… artist in perfidy. Thanks for sharing this. There may not be any better way to describe the villainy and each of the villains in this dance macabre that we have been partnered in for the last decade. At or around the same time as Psalm 52 was written, Euripides wrote the following in IPHIGENIA AT AULIS: “Oh where is the noble face of modesty, or the strength of virtue, now that blasphemy is in power and men have put justice behind them, and there is no law but lawlessness, and none join in fear of the gods?” Are we to be reminded that humans on earth never change? Or did evil find its root and continues to grow its shoots through history? Your videocast is spot on.


  2. Ps 52, who knew! Language to describe the human disease of runaway ego and abuse of power. Ages ago! Still!
    I, too, am hopeful truth and Justice will restore faith in democracy. Our challenge in our later years is a big one, of faithfulness to the Source of life, love for all and the earth.
    Be strong my friend, and soft of heart! 💞


    • Thank you, Chris. Being “strong and soft of heart” is a challenge, isn’t it? I’m working on an article for submission to The Nation that frames the bigger issue of our time as the challenge to hold the spiritual-moral tension between the personal (“Soft of heart — The Golden Rule) and the public (the prophetic tradition of Amos, et. al. and Jesus of Nazareth. When the prophet in us speaks truth but does so in ways that insult and belittle the neighbor, we may fulfill the public call of speaking truth to power, but we forget or violate the Golden Rule. Likewise, when the Golden Rule is interpreted as refrain from public engagement, the tension is slackened or cut. Grace and Peace!


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