Morning Walk by the Shrinking Wetland Pond


The wetland pond is shrinking.
Dark-chocolate cattails and 
summer-green milkweed pods 
burst into the white cotton 
balls they always do when
autumn comes, a cotton 
field of wisps and puffs that 
match the color of my hair.

The sumacs are changing into
the red dress they always wear
this time of year, a royal
crimson robe, glistening in 
the morning sun before
frost and snow turn their 
fleeting autumn puffs from 
regal red to winter white. 
I see no yellow on the wetland
pond beside this dirt road that 
has no name or dot on anyone’s 
map. The yellow lilies on the 
lily-pads have gone to sleep
to greet the Spring again if
the pond is still here. 

--GCS, September morning walk
September 27, 2021.
O LORD, what are we that You should care for us?
     mere mortals that You should think of us?
We are like a puff of wind;
     our days are like a passing shadow.
Do not cast me off in my old age.
     (Psalm 144:3,4; 71:9 BCP)


6 thoughts on “Morning Walk by the Shrinking Wetland Pond

      • I felt my heart crack as I watched my favorite ancient silver maple cut to pieces yesterday – a victim of drought and pollution. The gifts of beauty that we have so undeservedly been given are lost every day.

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        • I know the cracked feeling. We moved from Minnetonka after a development company clear cut all but a 200 year old oak. The roots of the tree had been cut by the company leveling the ground. Assurances from the Minnetonka City Council to neighborhood residents were ignored. It was Monday afternoon when I first laid eyes on it. A 90+ year old woman who lived in a shack on her three acres of forested property had sworn for decades she would never sell to a developer. When she vacated her home for a nursing home, her dear son sold it! I blew my stack at the city council meeting, but the damage could not be repaired.


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