A Cheerful Note from Baylor

Hulitt Gloer 167563

W. Hulitt Gloer, Professor, Truett Theological Seminary Baylor University

It takes awhile to discover where, if anywhere, a book like Be Still! will land. When published in January there seemed to be three potential homes: readers like the audience of NPR’s “All Things Considered”; college, university, and divinity school classes in philosophy, theology, homiletics, creative writing, and freshman studies programs; and church adult education programs. But you never know until the book has seen some air time.

Slowly but surely, the critical reviews and publicity are coming in, thanks to Bob Todd Publicity.

Day1.org with Peter Wallace has published four essays from Be Still! or from Views from the Edge and will feature a sermon for the First Sunday of Lent in 2018.

Anglican Journal (Anglican/Episcopalian), CURRENTS in Theology and Mission (Lutheran), and The Presbyterian Outlook (Presbyterian [USA}) will publish reviews this summer or fall. Day1.org has re-published four essays from Be Still or from Views from the Edge and will feature a sermon for the First Sunday of Lent in 2018.

And then there is the word from today all the way from Texas — this lovely, encouraging email from W. Hulitt Gloer, Professor of Preaching and Scripture at Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor University:

I have found your essays to be provocative, challenging, refreshing and inspiring. I am planning to use it in one of my courses this fall, assigning an essay a day for reflection and discussion. I think it may become standard.
Many thanks for this wonderful volume. I hope it will be but the first of many!

Thank you, Professor Gloer. You made my day! Next book up with the working title “Don’t Be Weary, Traveler” is ready to look for a publisher.

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, July 28, 2017.



5 thoughts on “A Cheerful Note from Baylor

  1. Our former pastor published a book not unlike yours. He got a slow, steady response rate, or as he put it “on modest meal per month, most months.” See if you can generate interest in groups religious groups, pastors, churches. Maybe you can get local church libraries to carry in on their shelves. See if you can get signing with LOCAL book shops because the local ones are those that will really do you some good. Barnes & Noble will give anyone a signing, but they are often poorly attended. Local radio stations, too.


    • Hi, Marilyn, that’s what I’m hoping. I’ve come to realize that the book is essays in theological anthropology. Might be a good description for the academy, though not for the general public. I’m working on several fronts: 1) introducing pastors and Christian educators to the adult course with leaders guide (phone calls, coffees, site visits), and 2) follow-up emails and phone calls with professors at my alma maters and Twin Cities area professors @ Macalester, St. Olaf, Augsburg, St. Thomas, and Carleton.


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