Who We Are and Whose We Are

The man simply can’t stop talking about himself. In the lobby of the Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters building in Langley, Virginia, there is a large marble wall. In the wall are engr…

Source: Who We Are and Whose We Are

2 thoughts on “Who We Are and Whose We Are

  1. At least I think I like it. I think we must not “normalize” what is happening here. Nothing like this has ever happened in my living memory, and the memories of people even older than I. We need to pray for the survival of the USA even as an oligarchy (which we already are), and that we not descend into Fascism. With this election, especially with Steve Bannon governing most of the really awful things going on, I really fear we are in for chaos followed by strict free market capitalism, which is a polite term for Fascism. If we once start thinking “We’ll, this is just how things are,” we will be lost. We must name evil when we see it, and protest it in whatever non-violent way we are able.


    • Carolyn, John is always thoughtful. So are you. I “like” your comment. Couldn’t agree more that we must not let this become normal. I don’t often use the word evil, preferring the New Testament term “daemonic” as Tillich understood it — the twisting of the good into evil. Evil almost always is the distortion of goodness and happens in the name of goodness. It is not some trace of goodness, which is what gives it its luring power.


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