The 6’8″ male in high heals

If I were still healthy and lived in North Carolina, I swear as a 6′ 8″ male, I would put on a dress and high heels and on Easter Sunday go to the biggest Baptist Church in Raleigh and wobble down the center aisle asking for the Ladies’ Room…

  • Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL

If Steve were still healthy and we both lived in North Carolina, I swear as a 5’8″ male, I’d put on a dress and high heels and on Easter Sunday to the biggest Baptist Church in Raleigh to hold Steve’s hand wobbling together down the center aisle asking for the Ladies Room…

  • Gordon

10 thoughts on “The 6’8″ male in high heals

    • In the past, the educational system in NC was very good. I tried to talk one of my children into going to Appalachian State University. He wasn’t the list bit interested! The education is now in an appalling condition, as is the mental health system. And a lot of other things. I have been here for almost 16 years now and love NC, probably because I live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Life in the mountains is wonderful, but I don’t know what I decide now about moving here if I had to do it over again. It’s an extremely sad situation.


  1. It is interesting that the man who has given so much of himself in NC to help the poor and oppressed is Rev. Dr. William Barber. He is president of the NC NAACP and has led the Moral Monday Movement is NC. I don’t think that he is a Baptist minister but he has brought many ministers into advocating against the horrendous things that our legislator and governor have been doing. But the money from Art Pope has had more power that ministers and other citizens.



    • Cynthia, always glad to hear from you but especially on this one because of your perspective as a North Carolinian, even if you’re a transplant! Interesting, don’t you think, that the corporations are the liberals on this issue!!!


      • The corporations aren’t really the liberals. They have the power of their money and that’s all they care about. The whole thing is so depressing and disgusting. And we are planning to move to GA in a yr. or two, and that won’t be any better, although their gov. hasn’t signed the bill yet.

        One of the things that I have discovered since moving to NC years ago is that the people are so kind, friendly, and willing to help each other. However, they are still stuck in the fundamentalist beliefs and vote for the legislators who take money from the rich & vote for whatever the rich want.



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