Message to World Leaders in Paris

Attention on Paris soon shifts to Climate Change. Join Robert Redford who invites ordinary folks like us to demand bold action by world leader.


“As a husband, father, and grandfather, I worry about the devastating effects of climate change.

“Climate change is contaminating our air and water, making us sick, and poisoning the planet we’ll be leaving for future generations.

“But I do have hope. This December, leaders from every nation in the world will meet for the Paris Climate Summit — COP21 — to work towards an international commitment to climate action.

“We’ve all contributed to this problem — and we can all be part of the solution. Watch my video — then stand with me and tell world leaders meeting in Paris: We Demand Climate Action.

“We can work together to do something different — and these past few months have given us many reasons to be hopeful that the world is ready.

“The U.S. is going to Paris with its own blueprint for action — the groundbreaking Clean Power Plan, our country’s first-ever limits on climate-wrecking carbon pollution from power plants.

“And the U.S. is not acting alone. China announced its own national plan to cut carbon pollution. India is committing to dramatically expand its growing renewable energy sector. In fact, over 150 countries are coming to Paris with new national climate action plans.

“From every part of our world, in our own way, we can do something to act on climate. But we need our world leaders to do the same.

“This is our moment. Join me and sign the petition to demand global climate action.

“We’ll be partnering with organizations from across America — and around the world — to deliver your petitions to world leaders when they meet in Paris.

“If we want to leave our children, grandchildren and future generations a healthy planet, now is the time to act.”

Thank you.
Robert Redford
Trustee, NRDC

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