Echoing through time

Eleven years ago tomorrow – November 14, 2004 – the sounds of Windy Downwind’s flute and AIM founders Clyde Bellecourt, Dennis Banks, and Bill Means’s Honor Song convened the respectful celebration of the life of Doug Hall in the St. Felix School Gymnasium in Wabasha, MN.

I often think of Doug and his life-partner Marian, but it was yesterday’s re-descovery of “The Book of Doug”, a gift from the Hall family following the celebration of Doug’s life, that led to this post.

Doug Hall at home in Wabasha

Doug Hall at home in Wabasha

Verse – His Own True Self

He sits and smiles,
His dog Sparky
Resting against his leg,
His eyebrows hanging
Like willow branches.

The bell has tolled
For him, a tolling
Like a wind-song
From the North
Marking the end.

Stephanie Autumn and Clyde Bellecourt honoring Doug with Indian blanket

Stephanie Autumn and Clyde Bellecourt honoring Doug with Indian blanket

He sits and smiles,
Peaceful, thankful,
Accepting, connecting
With those he loves,
Caring for those he will leave

The earth, his home,
Calls him to itself,
Beyond eternal claims
Or expectations,
He sits at peace

Mortal flesh he knows
Cannot prolong itself,
Nor should it seek what it
Cannot attain
Beyond its measure.

No control of time
Which bears us all away,
No need now to storm
The barricades against
The end of time.

He sits and smiles
In gratitude and wonder
For sun and shadow,
For all creatures great and small,
For family love and friends.

For these he sits and smiles –
This self-disclaiming man
Who intended nothing
But his own true self
In whatever time was his.

[Gordon C. Stewart, 2004]

Windy’s flute and the Honor Song drumming echoed Doug’s spirit. Like Old Joe Hill, Doug’s voice still echoes down through the ages of time for all who seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly on this Earth.

Minnesota Law and Politics named Doug Hall to Minnesota’s Legal Hall of Fame. Scroll down to #38 to read the Law and Politics’ tribute to him.

– Gordon C. Stewart, November 14, 2015



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