From Labor Day to Shopping Day

Remember Labor Day?

Violence against labor

Violence against labor – 1938 strike

There was a time when the nation closed down on Labor Day as a tribute to America’s working people.

Then something happened. The Labor Movement which brought about the end of child labor, the 40 hour work week, and won workplace safety laws, lost its steam. “Unions” became a four-letter word. Free market economists convinced the country that unions were responsible for America’s economic problems. The auto industry vacated Detroit for “Right to work” states or Mexico or outsourced parts production, as did other industries, to places where management would have free reign setting wages, benefits, pensions, and work conditions for employees.

This morning I asked a store clerk whether she’ll be working on Monday. “No,” she said, “We’re closed.” “Good,” I said, “you should be. Good for [name of the company]. Everyone should be off unless they’re working somewhere where  an essential public interest at stake.”

Then I came home and searched “Labor Day”.  9 Best Sales of Labor Day 2015 – US News popped up. It’s a shopper’s holiday in the free-market consumer society. Tenty-three percent of American workers work in retail. Amnesia reigns. But, in case you’re wondering, Costco will honor its workers Monday. Walmart invites you to “celebrate hard work with huge savings”.

Click HERE for the heart of Labor Day and why Labor Day is important in the year 2015 when America’s 1%, the class of J.P. Morgan, have succeeded in turning Labor Day into a shopping event when the laborers have to work.

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, September 5, 2015

5 thoughts on “From Labor Day to Shopping Day

  1. I have worked as farm laborer, cook, truck and bus driver. For 37 years worked with mind. College Professor, Financial Consultant, now volunteer.

    The first 27 years – the only time there were health benefits and days off were in union jobs. I would never have been able to have done what I was able to do w/o the unions. River Rouge kicked out a B24 bomber ever 62 minutes. Every one of them riveted together by labor. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII (the last war we had any reason to fight) we rightfully remember those who were captured, wounded, maimed and killed. It is equally important that we also remember and honor those men & women who labored be they in mines, farms & factories to enable the victory.


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