Limerick – From Illinois

From Illinois to Topsail Island

The sea has been calm and the wind has been light,
The beach house is perfect, the families all right.
We saw dolphins swimming,
The Cubs have been winning,
But the kids all keep asking, “Just where is your kite?”

  • Steve Shoemaker, on extended-family vacation, Topsail Island, NC, August 19, 2015
Steve's kite on Topsail Island

Steve’s kite on Topsail Island

2 thoughts on “Limerick – From Illinois

  1. That’s the best thing (once in a while the only good thing) about the shore. But I love kite flying so much I’m willing to get sunburned, and get blisters on my feet from sand in my shoes, at the shore. It is usually possible to get a kite in the air without running, which always came hard to me, and now is downright impossible. English is a very tricky language.


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