Verse – SpEcTaToRs

Is there a day without a sport?
Remember when ABC’s
Wide World of Sports
was just on TV Saturdays…
and for only 90 minutes?
Baseball games were on the radio.
Now ESPN Channels 1-348 are on 24-7.
Just today WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS are being played and broadcast in
Professional Men’s Basketball,
Professional Men’s Hockey, and
Professional Women’s soccer.
I think there is a sport every minute.

Of course I could be wrong–
I watch only movies via NetFlicks,
37 HD Satellite Channels, BLU-RAY,
or in Theaters with rocking chairs,
cup-holders, 5 gallon popcorn buckets,
300 speakers, and IMAX.

Our grand-children watch small screens
under the covers after lights-out.

– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, June 11, 2015

3 thoughts on “Verse – SpEcTaToRs

  1. And it’s all about consumption. More channels, more places for ads to seduce the young. They are resisting by going to the small screen to try to escape the ads. They intuitively know there is a war for their “attention”. Google, FB & Apple are worth a combined $1trillion because the bets are on that the attention of the young can be captured. Children have gone “undercover”, no pun intended, to escape surveillance by parents that have internalized the media as reality. All our grandchildren want to do is talk to their friends. There is no extended family left for most except the virtual kind including their friends. The market has destroyed the family in order to sell it back to us in commodified form.


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