The Socialist Jew

This tweet caught Steve’s attention, as well it should!

Socialist Jew Quote

Socialist Jew Quote

2 thoughts on “The Socialist Jew

  1. Brilliant. I tried to share it on Facebook. I hope it worked; the print had expanded out of the box, so it might be illegible. Brilliant! Love it.


    • I thought so, too, CA. Reminds me of a conversation with Jehovah’s Witnesses several years ago. I asked them who Jesus was. He was Jesus Christ, the Son of God, they said. Okay, I said, but who was Jesus? Same answer. What was his nationality; what was Jesus’ religion? He didn’t have a religion, they said. He was the Son of God. It blew their minds when I told them Jesus was a Jew, a faithful Jew. He didn’t worship himself. He was faithful to YHWH.

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