Verse – Buzzkill


Five in a line in our family
(all of them females, of course),
have the name Bee in the middle
(between their last and their first.)

Half of the bees in our country
died over winter last year.
One out of three of our foodstuffs
need bees or will disappear.

Einstein may not be who said it
(no one has proved it was he),
that we will die, yes, each family
within two years of the bee.

We need more prairies and fruit trees,
(that are not sprayed from above.)
Honey from new hives can happen:
we need to give bees our love.

[written in 9 minutes early this morning after hearing a PechaKucha 20-slides-each-20 seconds talk last night by Urbana, Illinois, beekeeper Maggie Wachter at a Sola Gratia Farm dinner.]

– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, April 12, 2015

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