Barack Obama after the Presidency?

Ever wondered what President Barack Obama will do after he leaves office? 

The President’s 50th Anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” speech in Selma, Alabama is a masterpiece in the tradition of the Church of the Bridge (see earlier post “The Church as Bridge” on Views from the Edge). Think of the President as pastor-preacher in the prophetic preaching tradition that speaks truth to power, celebrates hope, honors courage, and preaches a gospel that calls us all to cross the Pettus Bridge toward the world for which our hearts yearn.  The President’s speech was, in fact, a sermon rooted in Hebrew and Christian Scripture, freely quoted from memory.

Click HERE to hear the President on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama.

7 thoughts on “Barack Obama after the Presidency?

  1. Someone suggested that the next vacancy on the Supreme Court would have an excellent incumbent in the retired President. He has extraordinary knowledge and the desired temperament. Now all we need is a Democrat to nominate him, and a Senate with enough Democrats and intelligent, fair-minded Republicans (Are there any left in politics?) to confirm the nomination.


    • Very interesting idea, CA. It would be a great fit for his temperament and Constitutional expertise, as you say, but… it wouldn’t happen because it would further lead to charges of the politicization of the Supreme Court. Interesting, isn’t it, that the idea of a court that sits aloof from the partisan and special interests on which it must rule has become anything but a neutral interpreter of constitutional law. I still like the President in a preacher’s robe. -:)


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