Look what the ocean coughed up

What the ocean coughed upLook what washed up on Palm Beach this morning.

Like the whale that coughed up Jonah into the sea, the ocean is coughing up Halls cough drops along with a Portuguese Man-o’-War on the beach.

But there’s a difference. The sun and time will disintegrate the dead Man-o’-War in a few days time; the cough drop package, still zip-locked with three plastic wrapped fresh lemon menthol cough drops, will be around until who knows when.

The Halls cough drops and other plastics manufactured by a Pomethean species at war with Nature were found a few feet from the decaying Man-o’-War. Click Plastic Pollution for more information about the effects of plastics on the ocean, sea mammals, and the land. The ocean is coughing. But Nature always wins; it always has the last cough.

Coughed up on the beach

Coughed up on the beach

– Gordon C. Stewart, beautiful Palm Beach, FL, Feb. 11, 2015

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