Wading in the Water

St. Augustine Beach, Feb. 4, 2015

St. Augustine Beach, Feb. 4, 2015

So here we are, both newly retired, wading in the water of St. Augustine Beach in the Florida sun. Today the beach is peaceful. It was not always so quiet on these white sands.

Barclay in cold Minnesota

Barclay in cold Minnesota

Back home in Minnesota it’s cold. This photo of Barclay looking out the window into the world of white arrived this morning. Barclay knows where he is. We’re not sure we do.

Away from home and all familiar routines here on the white sand beach,  we’re getting our feet wet on the very beach where national news coverage pushed the Civil Rights Act over the top in 1964.

Kay and I each wondered what the world beyond work would feel like. Now we know. It’s weird. The world is still very much with us. Every day I talk with  some of those arrested on St. Augustine Beach who gather next door to our rental home in St. Augustine. We’re all still wading in the water.


9 thoughts on “Wading in the Water

        • Karin, as you know, St. Augustine is the oldest city in North America. As such, it is part of the “Old South” in a way the rest of FL is not. Geologically it will get more interesting as rising sea levels erode or destroy the barrier islands that shield the city. It’s a most interesting place. The beaches for the most part are not the to-die-for fine white sane beaches of southern FL or CA. they are interesting in their own way. Next time I think we may do Savannah.

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