The prayer from hell

June Griffin, Cumberland Missionary Society, praying      invocation opening Tennessee Senate session, 2015.

June Griffin, Cumberland Missionary Society, praying invocation opening Tennessee Senate session, 2015.

Not even Saturday Night Live or Bill Maher could make up.

Open the Link to Christian minister opens Tennessee Senate with prayer and SCROLL DOWN to watch the video of June Griffin’s anti-government Prayer of Invocation opening a session of the Tennessee Senate.

There used to institutions for people like this.  I used to visit the patients there, but those state hospitals were closed years ago. Today they’re sitting legislators or offering the invocation praying for a Christian-American version of ISIL.




3 thoughts on “The prayer from hell

  1. I can’t find any information on the “Cumberland Missionary Society” or Ms. Griffin’s credentials. Any ideas of her affiliation with a legitimate group?


    • Vickie, thanks for reading the post and for your question. I did a bit of research but found very little other than two public incidents and a notice that she had decided to run for office in TN to unseat the office-holder who represents Satan. I’ll do a little more checking to see what I can find. If you do the same and find more, please let us know. What was just as chilling as June Griffin’s prayer was her introduction by the Senator who chose her to do the Invocation.


    • Hi again, Vickie, After googling for June Griffin I found information on this web page: and one other.

      A google search for the American Protestant Bible Church of the Wesleyan Order turns up NOTHING. Ms. Griffin was born in July of 1939. She graduated from Central High School in 1960, the same year I (born three years later in 1942) graduated from high school. According to that same source, she travelled 7,000 miles across Tennessee on a campaign to get all 91 County Boards of Commissioners to pass a resolution calling for the 10 Commandments to be the basis of all law in the United States. At the time the site posted its information, she alleged that 85 of the 91 county boards had adopted the resolution. I think I’ll move on to more productive things and hope you have a good evening of blessed peace and sanity. Please wish me the same. With thanks, Gordon


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