Warren, Mandela, and Truth

This morning’s Washington Post ran the story “Think tank’s criticism of Elizabeth Warren’s populist policies leads to Democratic feud”. Click HERE to read the story.

The story runs the day after the death of one of the world’s great leaders who turned his vision into reality in South Africa: Nelson Mandela. It was reading the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr. and biographies of Gandhi that Mandela became the voice that changed Apartheid.

Reading the online “comments” on today’s Washington Post article about Senator Warren led me to leave my own comment, as follows.

Elizabeth Warren rankles the feathers of all who have yet to see the insidious assault of crony capitalism on the integrity of a democratic Republic. Right, left, and center thinking people in this country recognize we have a VERY serious systemic problem that required redress. Think tanks, like political parties themselves, belong to the people who pay their bills. Senator Warren does not work for a think tank, and does not work for the Democratic Party. She represents the people with conscience, clarity, and boldness that cut to the quick. That’s to be applauded. Dismissing her as an unrealistic idealist is also to dismiss Abraham Lincoln, Sojourner Truth, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, and, particularly apt for today, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu who saw something better for their societies.

Chime in with your views.

7 thoughts on “Warren, Mandela, and Truth

  1. Oh, I bemoan the comments from people who apparently believe that Senator Warren is a socialist, and even sillier, that President Obama is the most socialist president that we ever had. It betrays such ignorance first, of the meaning of the word socialism, and second, of the 33 year dragging of this country to the extreme right. You and I (among a whole lot of Americans😉) were there in the 50’s, and can testify that Republican President Eisenhower believed and governed considerably to the left of Obama. It was then, under a Republican president, that the highest tax rate for the very richest was about 90%. Even I think that is much too much, but it shows just how far things have changed economically, and much of it for the worse for all but the richest 5-10%.
    But Christmas is coming, and we need to take a break and celebrate the special wonder and beauty of the season. I have read, so far, only the beginning of the new Pope’s first public written statement, and it is about the joy we have (not should have, but have) in having Christ in our lives. I will try to break from here and find the URL for Pope Francis’ writing.
    The URL is hidden on my iPad, but the first two lines are APOSTOLIC EXHORTATION,
    EVANGELII GAUDIUM. The first two sentences: “The joy of the gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus. Those who accept his offer of salvation are set free from sin, sorrow, inner emptiness and loneliness.” I think we must try to feel this. He clearly sees the economic unfairness, but also has the joy of The Lord in his heart.


    • Carolyn, I don’t have time to reply – off to an Advent celebration at the church, complete with – yes – you-know-what. Potluck. And a hymn sing. Love your comment. Keep the conversation going between joy and truth. Both will set us free from fear. Wish we could drop in on you and Barbara some Sunday, like the Stewarts often did.


  2. I admire elizabeth Warren greatly. She tells it like it is, with dignity and sometimes a touch of humor. She is also a uniting force with the women of the Senate, who unlike many of their male counterparts, understand standing up for what it right and know very well that a certain amount of compromise and consensus is necessary to keep things moving and accomplishing what needs to be done. You have said it well. Having a mind open to learning and weighing the facts is essential.


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