Ted Cruz and demagogic innuendo

Notice how it works in this speech attacking President Barack Obama. The President stood, said Ted Cruz, on the EAST side (i.e. the former Communist side) of the Brandenburg Gate. Ted Cruze’s Subtext: “Obama is a Communist.” That’s the 21st Century voice of Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

5 thoughts on “Ted Cruz and demagogic innuendo

  1. Aside from the fact that historians have decided the Reagan’s words really had little or nothing to do with the end of the cold war, like we like to think they did, it seems we have made far more enemies in the Mid-east and other parts of the world with our ill-conceived wars of the past dozen years, or thirty years, or more. We brought war to their people, not understanding their mindset and culture, and made some very destructive calculations as to their readiness for democracy. We have not had a war on our mainland in the past 150 years or so – and there are none alive that can personally attest to how destructive that war was. We have a small percentage of the world’s population, but for some reason seem to think we are the ones to tell everyone else how they should do things.

    With our lack of understanding of other cultures and peoples – I think not!


    • Karin,

      Thanks for the comment. What at stake in the minds and hearts of so many is American exceptionalism coupled with the fear of Communism or some other “other” who threatens the American way of life. There is little if any acknowledgement of American military and economic intervention in the lands of other sovereign states in the Middle East. In another one of Sen. Cruze’s speeches, he accuses the President of surrendering America’s national sovereignty to the U.N.


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