Soccer Puppy

After posting a heavy piece on the President’s speech on Syria, 15-week-old Barclay took me aside and suggested I lighten up. “Dad, you have to stop being so serious. Besides, Dad,” he said, “I like President Obama. I thought you did, too. You need to chill out. You need to watch Mom’s video from last night and show it to the world. You humans are just too mean. All this Syria stuff is just a big soccer game.”

“Okay,” I said, “I’ll put your video up on the blog to bring some laughter and lighten up the superior species. Good dog!”

9 thoughts on “Soccer Puppy

    • Dennis, he is such a joy. When we named him we knew nothing about the Barclay League. Nor did we know he was a soccer dog. We liked the name for two completely unrelated reasons, but in the end he just seemed like a Barclay. Since he owns the Barclay Bank, a huge contract would not be the controlling factor in recruiting him to play soccer. But as as Scot, I doubt he would play for AJ Auxerre.


  1. How Joyous and playful. What a release from the stresses of the day. So glad you found him. Does God also call us to be more care free. I don’t know if this applies but “And which of you by being anxious can add one cubit unto the measure of his life?”


    • He really is special. I took him to Puppy socialization and Puppy 1 class tonight for the first time. He was the calmest dog there. He’s a hoot. And, yes, he relieves stress just by being his own playful self. I love this dog.


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