Chemical Weapons in Syria

Good news comes today of Russia using its influence on the Assad regime to turn over its store of chemical weapons to international oversight, control, and eventual destruction.

Meanwhile, this piece came to the attention of Views from the Edge from the Steering Committee of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.

Click HERE for a story you won’t see in the corporate-owned media.

4 thoughts on “Chemical Weapons in Syria

  1. Whether the contentions here are true or not it is important to have this info. to least be able to consider the ramifications.
    Considering that humans have literally had 4 or 5000 yrs. to develop systems of domination would it be any wonder if models had been developed that are extremely difficult to detect by the masses of ordinary people who are the objects of control.
    The fact that are so many brilliant people that function as social scientists employed by cultures interested in control of their populations it seems legitimate to consider that their level of expertise is no less advanced than the physicists who understand reality in ways most of us never will.


    • Political theater is part of social control. As things now unfold with Russia stepping in the day before the President speaks to the nation on Syria, one has to wonder how much of the show on stage has been prelude to a different climax. Politics is strange business and what goes on back stage is even stranger. But we, the audience sitting in the theater, can only respond to what we see and hear from the stage, while listening carefully for clues that seep out between the lines of the role players. It made no sense to me that John Kerry and the President were sounding like George Bush and Dick Cheney redux, but, if their threats were part of a larger strategy with an end point of peaceful resolution by means of the intercession of the Russians, it begins to make better sense. The U.S. gets to be tough. Russia gets to be a good guy. Syria surrenders its chemical weapons to international custody. The warship can be called back. The missiles are not fired, and everybody on stage can claim victory. Sounds good to me. The President tells the nation tomorrow that we were ready to act, we were bold, but that the latest developments (the concession in response to the pressure of the Assad regime’s staunchest ally, Russia, we have succeeded in addressing the threat to the Syrians and to us and the rest of the world.


      • Yes, it was just announced the Syrians have accepted the Russian proposal for turning over its chemical weapons. Jay Carney says all well & good but we still can’t just let this go since the violation has already happened & our troops future safety is still an issue. We’ll see what the next few hrs. brings. Certainly hopeful developments though.


        • Star Trib story this morning attributes the development to an “off-hand” remark by Secretary John Kerry. Interesting. Again, so much of this about saving face, posturing, and moving the waters of international relations and power arrangements. In the back of all of this Iran’s new leadership appears ready for relations with the U.S. I hope we don’t blow this opportunity for effective diplomacy and peace-making.


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