I rarely use the word. But a conversation today makes me say it. Some things are just plain evil.

The ticket seller at today’s church fund-raiser said, “Obama’s trying to take all the guns away!”

“No, he’s not. No one’s proposing taking guns away. Nonsense. Nobody is arguing that. Where’d you hear that?”


“FOX is not news. It’s right-wing propaganda.They’re the 10 Commandment station.

“Remind them of the Ninth Commandment. ‘You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor’.”

10 thoughts on “Evil

  1. The way to high profit for the gun companies is to keep us scared, really scared, that our own government is going to subdue us and make us subject to an international dictatorship. Ridiculous? Unfortunately an awful (I mean “awful”) lot of people believe it.


  2. Right, the big sister of the ever popular 2nd Amendment is the 1st Amendment that “protects” freedom of speech, press… and religion. Does anyone know what the constitution says about the right to intentionally “motivate” people by the millions with electronic devices such as radio, tv, and electronic mass media? Does it say anything about stretching truth like taffy? Does it say go ahead and declare… whatever you choose? Anyone catch Rachel Maddow’s discussion of the “conspiracy industry” on April 24? There are teams of people who develop conspiracy theories that accuse the federal government and the president, of committing crimes… such as Sandy Hook, Boston, …all of them. It started big time with 9-11. Oh Maddow presented facts clearly and displayed the lies. Rachel seems quite like heroic Edward R. Morrow to me. Wonder where the news and information that stretches like taffy is taking us? I’m a smarty pants. I think that I know. I recognize the “salute.” But, I have this faith in the decency of more than half of the American people that makes me think that institutions like Fox News, and the people behind it, are going to have some big trouble.


  3. Yesterday on FOX news the commentator said this administration was not telling the people the complete story in re the suspects in the Boston bombing. She continued to say the people need to be informed to make the right decision. What followed was 15 min of anti Pres Obama diatribe. Marilyn leaned over to me and said, “If she wants the people to be informed, shouldn’t she tell the truth.” To which I could only say, “Amen”


    • Jim, Marilyn nailed it. It’s a propaganda machine that stokes the fires of anxiety, fear, and hatred. They hate the President. The believe the President is sinister, un-American, anti-American. Imagine that – a national television “news” organization that alleged or insinuated that the twice-elected U.S. President is not legitimate (birth-certificate!), a “secret Muslim” masquerading as a professing Christian, a socialist gun-hater whose agenda is to destroy the free market system and take all the guns away… and insure that there’s health care in America!!! My, oh, my! As Marilyn said, “If they want the American people to be informed, they could start by telling the truth.” Walter Winchell, A.J. Muste, Walter Lippmann, and Harry Truman are rolling over in their graves. Evil comes in many forms. The Satan in Scripture is the twister, the trickster, who takes goodness and truth and bends them, warps them into their opposites. In that sense, FOX is consistently evil and its viewers are in the grips of the Trickster.


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