Comedian Jonathan Winters, the Man, RIP

News of Jonathan Winters’s death arrived today. This conversation with him at the presentation of a Sedona Film Festival tribute is priceless for its humility, humor, honesty, and unvarnished humanity. It begins with a short clip from the Tonight Show with Jack Paar.

5 thoughts on “Comedian Jonathan Winters, the Man, RIP

  1. “We’ll put the stamp on the aluminum, send the plane up in the blue. That’s our boy Roy, …we’re with you.” -It’s JW lost in a spur of the moment broadway musical skit. I was a young teenager when I heard it and I giggle a couple times every year upon thinking of it. Winters not only affected other performer comedy geniuses, his humor soaked into the general population. Millions of people deal with life a little better because of funny ideas that started with Jonathan, and they don’t even know it. I have a grandson who really is a comic genius. I consider it my responsibility to pass forward the classic humor that I experienced. What a treat it is to see the kid recognize the brilliance of something funny. A recent seminar was the Laurel & Hardy triple take. The Winters classics are coming to me. I better take notes.


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