Trumpeter Swans

Trumpeter Swans, Hudson, WI

Trumpeter Swans, Hudson, WI

Soaring, swooning,
Pining, preening,
Spreading wings,
Wooing, wanting,
Playing, pairing,
Synchronized swimmers
Spoon for life.

– Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, March 6, 2013; Photo by Kay Stewart

3 thoughts on “Trumpeter Swans

  1. Gordon… you should visit my video library. Swan Lake… I love it so much. What an inspiring creature the swan, what? Prince Siegfried thought so too.

    Larry Long at the Chan library on SUNDAY at 2PM. I may have said Saturday before. Larry sings about Pete Seeger… in quite a Seeger like way. He is a world peace activist. Sings about American Indians. He was instrumental participant in the work to end the cold war.

    I also want to tell you about the film Heaven’s Gate restored on Blu-ray. This is a major work of art about money vs. human beings… a story about the American response to immigrants in 1890 Wyoming. Magnificent, important and useful, as we continue to do the wrong thing 120 years later.


    • Robert, I don’t know whether I’ll be up for anything at 2:00 on Sunday afternoon, but will try. Larry sang at Doug Hall’s Memorial Celebration in Wabasha where I presided. Doug represented Larry as a student protestor and Larry was one of Doug’s biggest fans. Thanks for the info on Heaven’s Gate/ As in so many other things, you have to wonder whether we’ll ever learn.


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