another non-original day

Writers often suffer from writer’s block. Cures for it are suggested by the Purdue University Online Writing Lab. For some of us writer’s block arrives one day in early July and continues into August. Steve emailed this today:

My Dad often quoted

(was it from Burma-Shave road signs?):

“As a rule, man’s a fool,

When it’s hot, he wants it cool.

When it’s cool, he wants it hot.

Always wanting what it’s not!”

(Gordon, yet another non-original day…)

Steve’s not the only one who’s been suffering through unoriginal days. I can’t put two sentences together that seem worth sharing. So…I found this Burma Shave ad on the web…a reminder that sometimes it’s better to keep silent than to contribute to word polution.

Burma Shave ad for writer’s block

6 thoughts on “another non-original day

  1. Your un-original words are infinitely more beneficial to the world of words and those of us whose minds are still in formation than those baboons who blather on listening only to themselves. So, just “open a vein” and commence being the most beautiful-est man that you are!


  2. Hi, Gordon. All of us, mom, dad, BJ and I, loved Burma Shave signs. We took 2 big trips west to see dad’s brother John, who had been paralyzed by polio. On both trips we collected Burma Shave signs. I wish we could find the “memorabilia” from those trips. But, second best, there must be a collection of them online. Steve and you have inspired me to check. Peace. Carolyn


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