The Man at the Bar

“Damn” is not his last name,”

Said Herb

To the man on the stool

With the beer at the bar.


“What?” said the man with the beer

To Herb,

Drinking his vodka and milk

On the stool at the bar.


I said, “God damn!”

Said the man with the beer.


“And I said ‘Damn is not His last name!’”

Cried Herb with his vodka and milk.


“Pow!” came the fist

From the man with the beer.


“What’d you do that for?”

Asked Herb from the floor

To the man with the beer

On the stool at the bar.

– Gordon C. Stewart, June 6, 2012, Chaska, MN

6 thoughts on “The Man at the Bar

  1. wow. that is great. love the poem. I love a good sense of humor. Do keep your good sense of humor coming 🙂 I never thought of how that does sound like a first-last-name combo.


    • There are tons of stories of “Herb”. Most of them almost unbelievable. I’m working on more. One of the things I’m working on is simple but clear character description. I think this first attempt missed a few things. I’m just learning. Thanks.


  2. I see your point, Gordon, though I’ve always thought of those words as one exaggerating their own importance in the scheme of things (at least on a temporary basis), to the point of telling God what to do. I’ve exaggerated my own importance more than a few times.


    • Hi, Sparks, This actually happened to a guy named Herb (65+ years old) who had the best of intentions but often had a hard time living in the real world without his glass of milk 🙂 laced always with vodka. Life was hard for Herb, and the stories are endless. Tragic and humorous at the same time. Only the writers of Seinfeld could make this stuff up, and all the stories are from real life. Thanks, as always, for coming by.


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