Campaign ads and the Snake

Karl Rove

Remember Karl Rove? He’s still around.

“American Crossroads” produced a campaign ad that speaks volumes about how far the Far Right will go to shape American voter opinion leading to the November election. Thanks to Unedited Politics for drawing attention to the ad.

Watch the ad, draw your own conclusions, read my comments below, and leave your comment. Or Re-Post this to further the discussion.

To waTch the add CLICK HERE.

When you put together the mind of Karl Rove and the money of the Koch Brothers, THIS is what you get: an ad that appeals to the basest fears and prejudiced of those in the general public who prefer willful ignorance and demagoguery to truth and civility. This is an exercise in the slanderous politics of character assassination that has produced such wide-spread cynicism in America.

Did you notice that the words PUBLIC EQUITY” are in RED?

“American Crossroads” is a Super PAC that cares nothing for public equity. It manipulates facts to give the impression that it cares about the 99%. It doesn’t. It cares nothing for “the little people.” It cares about power. It protects privilege.

This ad is what American Corssroads” is about – racist innuendos (the President’s head shucking and jiving like a rapper or a bobble head doll); twisting or making up facts (i.e. blaming the economic crisis on President Obama when, in fact, it landed on his doorstep as a result of the previous Administration’s failed oversight of financial institutions and financial markets; alleging that the auto  industry bailouts and stimulus package killed American jobs and sent them overseas, when, in fact, it saved and created American jobs).

But the question is not about the bailouts that are now widely unpopular. The question here is more basic than any policy: “Are we, the American electorate, wise enough to recognize the hiss of a snake when we hear it.” If not, the snake wins. If Yes, we win.

This afternoon, Views from the Edge will re-publish “The Language of Demagoguery” on the Gingrich memo that became the Machiavellian guide to public control.

6 thoughts on “Campaign ads and the Snake

  1. You know me, I will argue the other side. The snake is two headed with G Soros the second head. We wasted $800 billion in stimulus. Picking winners based on contributions is corrupt and the govt is bad as choosing where to invest anyway. 3 years in to a recovery and we are not creating jobs. But I will concede one point, the ad is horrifically racist.


    • Hi, John, Glad to hear from you. The snake takes many forms, but it is always a deceiver. Who knows what would have happened without the stimulus packages? The ecomomy was headed for free-fall…becaause the natural tendency of de-regulated capitalism was doing what it always does – the little fish were swallowed up by fish that got too big to fail. Congress had failed us. No oversight was considered good oversight. Allow the market to do its thing. And even George Bush understood before it was too late that the hands-off policy had been mistaken. The people’s watchdog (i.e. our collective representatives) was asleep on the job or was chained in the junk yard by the large financial contributors that owned the people’s representatives and the White House. President Obama made a huge mistake, in my opinion, when he appointed Larry Summers and Geitner to be his chief economic policy advisors. We got more of the same. Now, back to “American Crossroads,” this ad is Willie Horton all over again. It is taken from the pages of two manuals, both written by the snake for purposes of public control and deception. The one is Machiavelli’s The Prince; the other is Newt Gingrich’s Manual for how to control the public by means of lanugage manipulation. What do you think, George Soros aside?


  2. I can only reply with two quotes which might give a clear perspective as to where we as a nation might be heading and why.
    “Never before in the history of our republic have so few spent so much to influence the votes of so many.” Robert Reich in “BEYOND OUTRAGE”
    “… as soon as public service ceases to be the chief business of the citizens, and they would rather serve with their money than with their persons, the state is not far from its fall.” Rousseau
    I find in these quotes a clear direction for reforms.


  3. I think your snake analogy is sound. I suppose there may be some who are either naive or utterly lacking in sympathy or compassion who see the arguments presented as appropriate for a great and good nation.
    The naiveté can result from a small town upbringing (a small town most of whose inhabitants are middle to lower middle class). In a such a small town, neighbors rally around those whom catastrophe hits, and know those who don’t really need help, just incentive to look for work; and a town that has some jobs for those who look.
    Most unfortunately, such towns began to disappear a long time ago. There may be a few left, but now we have huge areas where the vast majority are barely able to keep their heads above water, and the only available jobs are so physically difficult as to be closed to a great many people, and, in most cases wages are so low that they fail to lift the worker out of poverty.
    So, the majority of followers of Karl Rove and Grover Norquist are either evil (utterly lacking in sympathy, compassion), or willfully ignorant (still evil, in my book). So I again applaud the aptness of your analogy of the snake, the ur-alt symbol of evil.


    • Thank you, CA, for the thoughtful response. There is a love of country that is quite innocent: the lump in the throat at the Memorial Day or Fourth of July Parade, the singing of the National Anthem at a ball park after 9/11, etc. The America we love deserves to be loved and still puts a lump in my throat. The abuse of the love, the twisting of the love, is another thing. Thomas Acquinas called “willful ignorance” the greatest of sins. Take a look at the piece I just posted, “The Moment to Decide,” and appreciate the violin solo of “Once to Every Man and Nation” (tune: Ebenezer) at the end. Grace and Peace, Gordon


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