Prepare our hands for touch

This  prayer by Ernesto Barros Cardoso of Brazil is a nice follow-up to yesterday’s post about the need for embodied spirituality and the need to recover the senses, including the gift of touch.

God of Life Prepare our hands for a touch

A new and different touch

Prepare our hands for a touch

A touch of encounter

A touch of awakening

A touch of hope

A touch of feeling

Many are the worn-out gestures

Many are the movements frozen in time

Many are the useless excuses just to repeat attitudes…

Give us daring

To create new titles of community

New links of affection

Breaking away from old ways of relating,

Encouraging true, meaningful ways to move into closeness.

4 thoughts on “Prepare our hands for touch

  1. Yes. Oh my, yes. I think our conversation from earlier seeped into this evening. I talked to a lonely person when I went out to fill my bottled water containers an hour ago.

    Many handshakes were exchanged. I was given blessings. I am still smiling.

    I am so glad you posted this prayer. It is truly beautiful. I love this, especially:

    Prepare our hands for a touch


    • Sounds like a good evening. And filling water bottles is a physical act – the water has to touch the bottle and the bottle the water. Real space. Real time. We can’t make that up. Or handhsakes or hugs. Nothing is so real as really real, huh!


      • Yup! That’s exactly it. And boy howdy, those bottles are heavy. Real handshakes. Face to face conversations. Even the (light) warm weather felt like a hug.

        *Laughs* “Nothing is so real as really real” could be a great book title, I think! Or “Nothing So Real As Really Real” maybe?


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