Sermon: Barabbas

There were two – not one, but two – Jesuses, each known as “Barabbas” (“son of the father”) – who stood before Pilate. One was released into the crowd. The other was executed. Both are very much with us still. This sermon was preached at Shepherd of the Hill Presbyterian Church in Chaska, Minnesota, a place for the mind and heart sharing the message of God’s unconditional love for everyone.


3 thoughts on “Sermon: Barabbas

  1. Of course we are all bar abbas. Society tends to side with those whose actions makes no judgement on its own actions. Love, though it is gentle and forgiving, is often seen by us as too severe in judging.


  2. I was filled with grace listening to you. A powerful and challenging sermon. I hope Steve’s computer doesn’t crash. He is so honest with his deep seeking after knowledge of God. This sermon made my mind go to “The Ballad of Harry T Moore” by Langston Hughes. ” No bomb can kill the dream I hold/for freedom never dies.” Thnx always for your insights into faith.


    • Jim, Be assured that Steve’s omputer is fine. He writes all of this on his phone. Hardly ever sits at the computer. I couldn’t agree more about his poetry. So good to hear from you, as always. Was there anything in particular in the sermon that you found interesting or challenging? Love to hear your thoughts about the two Jesuses who were “sons of the father.”


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