She Could Give a Kiss

Morning reflections composed today by my friend Steve Shoemaker

She Could  Give a Kiss

She could give a kiss

and not have less to share.

He could take a kiss

and still have more to give.

She could have a child

and still have time for him.

He could be a child

and run away from her.

–  Steve Shoemaker, 03.21.12

Your Dear Eyes

 Your dear eyes…

Macular Degeneration,

what a multi-syllabic curse.

Hazel:   sometimes blue,

sometimes green, birthing

children’s eyes of blue and gold…

Flashing with indignation,

pensive, wise, creative, wary–

yes, windows to a good soul.

Let us see all that we can see

while we can.  Travel, taste, hear,

feel and, yes, smell what is good

around the world.  All of us

are fading into dust:  some of us

receive a warning–fair or unfair.

– Steve Shoemaker 03.21.12


“And the Word became flesh….” and words.

Little Steve at Sheldon Jackson Church, Colorado

Sometimes it comes in a poet’s words. The flesh it comes in is all shapes and sizes. Here’s a photo of Steve (6’8” and shrinking) standing behind a historic pulpit at Sheldon Jackson Church in Colorado. Sheldon was a bit shorter. Who says ministers don’t have a sense of humor!LEAVE A COMMENT on Steve’s poems. He, I, and others would love to know what you think. Or, in today’s butchered English, “Me and him” look forward to seeing/hearing the words YOU share.

7 thoughts on “She Could Give a Kiss

  1. I like Mr. Shoemaker’s poetry a lot, his truths are so gently and engagingly related. I especially appreciate the last lines of the second: “All of us are fading into dust: some of us receive a warning–fair or unfair.” What an observation that is.


  2. The poem about the kiss was so delightful and so was the one about how we are all on our way to dust, some with a warning and some without. Thank you for the reminder 🙂 I think the sparkle of the Colorado mountains is shining through your poems – I have not seen a mountain in so long! I often feel that panicked feeling – as if life were going to pass me by as I stand, lost in the deadening influence of comfort. And just as I feel myself waving to my life as it goes by, I wake up and realize I don’t have to do anything glorious to be a part of life – I just have to be here – really here! As for the pulpit – that is very humorous!

    Keep writing. I will keep reading.


    • Christina, You constantly amaze me – so young but so wise and SO very much present to your own life and the world around. You DON”T have to do anything glorious. You’re right. You’re fortunate to get so early. It takes most of us, especially men, a LOT longer and we leave a trail of tears and trash behind us on the way.


      • Your comment about tears and trash made me laugh. I wish I could take credit for my realization, but I got it from my mom – and truth is, I forget these great truths on a regular basis. But I am a work in progress – thank you for the encouragement.


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