Climate Change reflection

Today’s Washington Post breaking news announcing that the U.S. will be one of five nations leading the way on limiting methane and soot (see earlier post with link below) prompts me to re-publish Climate Change commentary on “All Things Considered” ( – personal reflection on a day with Earl, the old oyster fisherman, on the “Skipjack” on the Chesepeake Bay.

6 thoughts on “Climate Change reflection

  1. How about a seminar complete with charts and data tables….???
    Bring a thermos of coffee!

    While Oil Companies have reams of data themselves, NOAA, The State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, and major universities have also compiled quite a body of research.

    The best place to begin for cold water data is to look up the Amoco Cadiz and the Exxon Valdez Oil Spills. On the other hand, the Gulf of Mexico is a warm water environment and the model of Kuwait and the Persian Gulf post Gulf War-1 coupled with the experiences of Mexico following off-shore well blowouts in the 1980s are illuminating. When there is time for me to write (a bunch), I will do my best to elucidate the salient points.


  2. Ah yes, Oil Spills………
    Scientifically speaking, this is quite an involved discussion. Perhaps it ought to stand by itself as a topic for comment.
    The oil companies want to make the world safe for oil spills and the scientific data doesn’t seem to contradict them very strongly anymore.


    • I’d like to hear more about the scientific data. Are the scientific studies independent from funding by the oil industry? In other words, is the data “bought” data, or is it evidence-based science?


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