Even the embers warm

Univ. of Illinois Campus YMCA bonfire
Univ. of Illinois Campus Y bonfire

If we move our chairs and logs

Close enough.  The flames

Began roaring, jumping

High above our heads

As balsam branches, pines

Burned first furiously.

Reflections off glasses,

Earrings, flash like the stars

Above in the moonless night.*

Two kites, tethered, can be heard,

Not seen, above the prairie.

Marshmallows ignite if held too long

Near the glowing coals

S’Mores give a sugar rush

After the tangy stuffed mushrooms.

No one can remember a ghost story

Or campfire song. The troubles

Of Job are all forgotten

As the sparks fly upward.

* In the photo there is a moon. This was photo-shopped out in the poem–poetic license.God seems to have chosen to have the Bible written this way, also;  some things were omitted (or added) for the sake of the form or sound of the poem or story.

– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, Dec. 1, 2012

The photograph is of University of Illinois students who were engaged in service projects at the oldest student organization, the University Y (1873), where Steve served as Executive Director.