The sound of the trumpet in the morning

Campaigns in the 2000s have a way of repeating themselves. So do sermons, like this one from the week before the 2012 election that draws on a Jewish legend about Satan’s sense of loss after being expelled from heaven. What he missed the most was the sound of the trumpet in the morning.

This moment in American history is like no other. We are living under the cloud of the diabolical. The New Testament word “diabolos” gets translated as “the devil.” I’m not into the Devil but I encounter the diabolical reading the news every morning. I find hope listening for the sound of the trumpet (the shofar).

Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, December 4, 2020.

3 thoughts on “The sound of the trumpet in the morning

  1. As egregious as Trump’s actions have been we still need to consider that from a 3rd World perspective it is the American “deep state” that is the predominant evil force in the world. The “military industrial Congressional complex” has hijacked whatever there ever was of a democratic America. As Bill Moyers opined recently, “America has never had a democracy”.


    • Greetings, Garry. Most of my adult life I have been of the opinion/conviction that we live under what William Stringfellow called “extra-constitutional powers” the equivalent of a deep state unaccountable to the people and the institutions of a democratic republic. Vietnam was the case in point at the time — the military-industrial-congressional web that enveloped and nullified the will of the people. In moments of momentary insanity I’ve been tempted to wonder whether Trump had known Stringfellow, or read Bill’s books, but then, I thought, “No. He doesn’t read and no one can tell him a thing”

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    • During and after the Vietnam War, William Stringfellow claimed the same. He called them “extra-Constitutional” powers and principalities, i.e., unaccountable and pulling the strings with money and influence. The “complex” Eisenhower warned of is far more confounding and complex today than it was then. Cyberspace is not space. Space doesn’t kill!


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