If the Answer is “Yes.”

Fourth Presbyterian Church-Chicago Pastor Emeritus John Buchanan stood with other worshipers to applaud Shannon Kershner’s sermon calling for people to stand with the widow in this election year. The sermon “The Persistent God” was posted here yesterday.

Hold to the Good

I have resisted the temptation to weigh in more than I already have on the Donald Trump phenomenon because we are saturated. Television news and the newspapers can’t keep their eyes off of him and I confess that I watch the 7:00 a.m. news because I don’t want to miss the latest outlandish thing he has said or done. I am changing my mind about writing because I heard a superb sermon yesterday by the Rev. Shannon J. Kershner, at the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago. Shannon skillfully inverted the traditional interpretation of Jesus’ parable of the persistent widow and unresponsive judge who finally gives the widow the justice she is pleading for simply to make her stop asking and go away. Shannon said that maybe God is not the judge here. We are the judge. God is speaking through the widow, persistently urging and pleading to us for justice…

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2 thoughts on “If the Answer is “Yes.”

  1. Just got to this, working back through my email. (Yours I keep reading, along with a smattering of others’.) His last line: “God help us, God help this good and beautiful nation, if the answer is ‘yes.'” Indeed, God help us all — in every nation, every geographic region, as climate change accelerates, and, probably, wars break out, possibly nuclear. God help us all. I read somewhere that it is possible to pray without ceasing by continuing to think “Kyrie eleison” behind everything you are doing. Even as I write, whenever I make a pause I think “Kyrie eleison”. A particularly apt prayer for these times.


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