Alerting all able sinners!

Both of us – Steve and Gordon – recently received good news from publishers.

Last month Steve received word that Mayhaven Publishing will publish a collection of poems under the title “A Sin a Week: 52 sins described in loving detail, for those who have the inclination and ability to sin, but have run out of bad ideas”

Sinners can order the Steve’s book @

Yesterday Wipf & Stock Publications notified Gordon of its acceptance of  “Be Still! Departure from Collective Madness” to be published sometime in the next year.

Steve’s work is done. Gordon’s is not, which is the bad news, if work can be called ‘bad’, which both of us think it can’t, except when it becomes obsessive, which, in one of our cases, it often has been – one of the 52 sins described in loving detail perhaps!

We’re glad to report to Views readers that Steve is doing remarkably well with chemo treatments having stabilized or shrunk the tumors that by all early reports were expected to take him by mid-February. To the best of our knowledge, Gordon has no tumors but reports that the few remaining brain cells he still has are shrinking fast with age.

All in all, life is beautiful! Sin boldly, and if you’ve run out of ideas, order Steve’s book!



13 thoughts on “Alerting all able sinners!

  1. Congratulations Mr. Stewart on the good news of the upcoming publication of “Be Still”. I had the excellent fortune many years ago to meet Steve at McKinley Foundation on the campus of the University of Illinois where he first told me about “A Sin a Week”. After I had the distinct and honest pleasure to read a few of his poems, I was very glad for the opportunity he then offered to draw cartoons illustrating each of them. Many years have passed since then, but the poems endure, retaining their spiritual power, their offbeat sense of humor, and their deep significance in this conflicted world we inhabit and accept so easily. Much praise to both of you as authors for your efforts in helping us see the way forward to a better way of living through God’s grace.


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