Pick your party – Conservative

This piece came to our attention moments ago from a young blogger writing to inform other young people in Great Britain of the basics of politics there. We’re glad to support his/her blog by sharing it on Views from the Edge.


Many people our age have no idea which political party they should be following. Many people our age do not really have much of a political opinion.

 I am not one of those people.

But I thought I could help any of you guys who were lost or struggling to identify where you belong on the political platform.

I have decided to write a series about the most popular political parties, just so that you guys can have a good knowledge of the basics, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of everything later.

Let’s start with the Conservative Party.

Plain and simply David Cameron and his party believe in one thing – spending cuts.

The Conservatives used what is known as the deficit as leverage against the Labour Party to win yet another election back in May.

Deficit – ‘An amount (such as an amount of money) that is less than…

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2 thoughts on “Pick your party – Conservative

  1. Gordon,

    I have been involved in some political activity for 55 years. I have been listening to the candidate’s comments and the commentators. I remember what conservative used to be.

    Eisenhower was one. Everett Dirkson, Howard Baker were conservatives. The bitter hawks, who pander to the information challenged old white men are not conservatives. Bigots, ignorant, devoid of fact. Full of fear, untested hypothesis, unchallenged assumptions. Genuinely pissed off at the Supreme Court for the Loving Decision far more than Citizens United. Their structure was provided more by the Christian Coalition and the Moral Majority than the real human needs that Eisenhower tried to meet. They run for offices in a government they despise.

    Christian doesn’t mean much anymore either. The Evangelicals have narrowed the focus so narrow the word has little meaning to most. Language……

    All Best,


    James Bertram Haugh, Ph.D.

    448 Hariton Court

    Norfolk, Virginia 23505-3331


    • Jim, I couldn’t agree more. And there were the likes of more “liberal” Republicans like Mark Hatfield and John Lindsey, and more “conservative” Democrats like – well, like George Wallace. As for Christian, I know it’s true, but I’m also looking forward to Jim Wallace’s visit this week to the Westminster Town Hall Forum. In the early ’70s he and a group of seminary students, from Trinity of all places, published an anti-war newspaper called The Post-American. I think actually it many have been with a ‘k’. I distributed 50 copies every time it came out. I’ve published on the Sojourners blog a number of times and find Wallace’s books well worth the paper and the read. They are my kind of evangelicals – combining the best of the liberal, conservative, and evangelical traditions in the name of Jesus.


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